Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

  • Keep the tattoo membrance on for 3 days, during which it is recommended to avoid excess sweating.

  • Sauna and swimming are to be avoided for 14 days. Avoid bathing and solarium during the healing process. 
    You can shower normally with the tattoo membrance on.

  • If water gets under the membrance, or any fluids leak from under it, remove the membrance.

  • Remove the membrance in the shower with body temperature water, by pulling outwards from the corners. Rinse the tattoo with water, and do not use scented products to clean it. After washing, pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel or papertowel, and apply a thin layer of cream.

  • It is recommended to wash and moisturize the tattoo twice a day, for a 3 week period.

  • If the tattoo itches more than usual, more cream can be applied. Do not over moisturize the tattoo.

  • If normal saran wrap is applied to the fresh tattoo, it should be removed after approximately 3 hours.

  • If you are under direct sunlight, protect the tattoo with a high (30) SPF.

  • Do not scratch the tattoo during the healing period. Any scabs should come off by itself during normal care.

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